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980nm Diode Laser Device for Nail Fungus Onychomycosis Treatment

Onychomycosis/NAIL FUNGUS is a fungal infection of the toenails and fingernails that results in thickening, discoloration, splitting of the nails, as well as lifting of the nails from the nail bed.The August 1470 laser system works by using specific wavelengths that penetrate through your toenail to kill the fungus that lives in the nail plate and surrounding tissue.But you can rest easy knowing the laser doesn’t affect healthy nails or the surrounding tissues.

    product DESCRIPTION

    Your toenails are made of two types of proteins, called keratin: hard keratin and soft keratin. Toenail fungal infections, or onychomycosis, are caused by fungi called dermatophytes that use the keratin to live, grow, and multiply.

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    Dermatophytes love warm, moist places, like sweaty socks and shoes, saunas, locker room floors, and showers. If they hitch a ride on your toes, they consume the keratin that makes up your nails. The debris that results is a crumbly residue, which is one of the most common signs of a fungal infection. Toenail fungal infections are highly ontagious, and if you have especially sweaty feet,wear the wrong types of socks and shoes,or have a health condition that increases your risk of foot health issues, like a history of nail injury, psoriasis, a weakened immune system, circulation issues, or diabetes, you’re even more likely to develop an infection.

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    Deep, pulse-profile heating of the nail bed stimulates the killing of parasitic fungus. The natural growth and immune processes of the body are then able to restore the nail to its pristine state. Compared to traditional methods the effects of laser light spread evenly throughout the tissue and are not subject to either the limits of chemical diffusion, as are topicals, or the induction of hepa toxic side effects, as is the case with oral medications.


    The nail or toenail laser therapy has a high success rate. After a completed treatment is the nail fungus treated in a way that a healthy nail can grow.
     * No medicine necessary
     * Safe procedure
     * No anesthesia necessary
     * Free from side effects
     * Well compatible
     * No visible damage to the treated nail or the surrounding skin


    August 1470 has the minimal efficacy dose available by software which allows unexpert user to startwith ease,Screen displays the quantity of delivered energy in Joules,allowing a perfect control of the treatment.

    nail fungal laser (1)a9a


    Laser type Diode Laser Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide GaAlAs
    Wavelength 1470nm
    Power 20W (interval 0.1w)
    Working Modes CW, Pulse and Single
    Aiming Beam Adjustable Red indicator light 650nm
    Fiber diameter 300um/400 um/600um/800um fiber
    Fiber type Bare fiber
    Fiber connector SMA905 international standard
    Pulse 0.00s-1.00s
    Delay 0.00s-1.00s
    Voltage 100-240V, 50/60HZ
    Weight 5.3KG

    product applications

     (1) Most patients feel no pain. Some may feel a warming sensation. An isolated few may feel a slight pinprick.

     (2) The length of the laser treatment depends on how many toenails need to be treated. Typically, it  takes around 10 minutes to treat the infected fungal nail of a big toe, and less time(5 minutes) to treat other toenails. To completely remove the nail fungus, the patient usually requires only one treatment. A full treatment normally takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Once finished, you can walk as normal and re-paint your nails. The improvements will not be completely seen until the nail grows out. We will advise you about after-care to prevent re-infection.

    nail fungal laser (2)3ck

     (3) You won’t notice anything immediately following treatment. However, the toenail will generally completely grow out and replace itself in the next 6 to 12 months. Most patients show healthy new growth to be visible within the first 3 months.

     (4)  Results show that in most cases, treated patients show substantial improvement, and in most cases report being completely cured of toenail fungus altogether. Many patients only need 1 or 2 treatments. Some need more if they have severe cases of toenail fungus. We make sure you are cured of your nail fungus.


    Signs of improvement include:

    * The disappearance of yellow, white, or brown discoloration of the affected toenail or toenails
    * Resolution of flaky debris under or on the nail
    * Recovery of onycholysis, which is detachment of the nail from the nail bed below
    * Normal shape and texture of new nail growth with no more thickness, bumps, or altered nail shape

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