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980nm 1470nm Diode Laser Machine TR-B


Elevate your facial rejuvenation journey with our innovative TR-B 980 1470nm Laser Lipolysis therapy, an outpatient solution designed to restore youthful tension to your skin. This groundbreaking procedure involves a meticulously minimal 1-2 mm incision through which a cannula, equipped with a laser fiber, is skillfully introduced beneath the skin's surface. By precisely targeting and heating the underlying tissue, our technology stimulates the creation of fresh collagen and elastin fibers, culminating in a visibly firmer and more contoured complexion.

Throughout the treatment, the laser fiber glides superficially, harnessing dermal heating to activate your skin's regenerative potential. It is common to experience mild swelling and altered sensations in the treated zones, which swiftly dissipate within a few days following the procedure.

As we've highlighted before, our Fiberlift Laser Lipolysis, utilizing advanced fiber optic technology, stands as a pioneering approach to both facial and body remodeling. It effectively combats laxity and the telltale signs of aging by infusing laser energy beneath the skin's layers, working harmoniously with your body's own restorative mechanisms.

A distinct advantage lies in its year-round applicability—even sun-kissed skin poses no hindrance, as the laser operates discreetly beneath the skin's exterior. While initial results can be noticed instantly—mild inflammation indicative of the skin's responsive healing—the full splendor of the transformation emerges around three months post-treatment, revealing a significantly enhanced skin tone and texture. This treatment embodies the perfect fusion of immediacy and progressive enhancement, tailored for those seeking a revitalized visage at any stage of life.